New Book: The Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

Discover the Tactics, Tools, Routines and Habits You Need to Become a World-Class Blogger

Imagine waking up, sitting down at your laptop, and seeing this:

What is that?

It’s a massive spike in readers you just got from an article you published last week. Your content went viral, bringing thousands of new email subscribers to your site.

And a few of those people are even buying your products, raving about you on social media and sending emails saying, “Love your stuff!”

This isn’t a fantasy land.

This is the power of having the skills and habits you need to become a world-class blogger.

And after building a blog with more than 2 million readers a year (and multiple 6-figures in passive income), I'm going to show you how to do it too.

It’s all covered inside my new ebook: The Habits Of Highly Successful Bloggers: Discover The Secret Tactics, Routines, and Habits You Need To Become a World-Class Blogger (details below)

How I Went From Zero to 6-Figure Blogger

Hi, my name is Ryan Robinson, and I’ve personally gone from barely knowing what blogging is to now earning $300,000+ per year from my blog.

How’d I do it?

It wasn’t because I had lots of previous experience, tons connections, or any natural writing skills.

It was because I learned a few daily practices that helped me know what content to write, actually write it and keep bringing more and more readers to my blog.

Instead of focusing on hundreds of things and following every tip under the sun, I just got “good enough” at a few key habits—the ones that really moved the needle for my blog—and things took off.

And for the first time ever, I’m revealing the tactics, tools, routines, and habits you need to become a world-class blogger inside my brand new eBook, The Habits Of Highly Successful Bloggers.

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… No more wondering how the top people in your industry churn out so much content, go viral and get their post on the front page of Google …

… No more sitting there thinking, “What should I write?” or “Where do I even start?”

… No more suffering from “Impostor Syndrome,” feeling like you’re not good enough to be blogging and giving advice to people …

… No more starting a blog and stopping because it never takes off ...

Whether you’ve never done an ounce of blogging before ...

Or you’ve got a blog but don’t have the following you’d like …

Or even if you have decent sized audience — but still feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants ...

I’m going to show you the tactics, tools, routines, and habits you need to become a world-class blogger.

These habits have:

  • Helped me get over 2 million readers to my blog without spending a penny on advertising—while creating a 6-figure passive income stream for me. The great thing about a blog is once the engine gets roaring, much of the income comes in on autopilot for you
  • Helped me “go viral” hundreds of times, rank on the first page of Google for all kinds of keywords and build an email list of over 75,000 readers
  • Gotten me featured in Business Insider, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and many other top-shelf publications around the world

You Don’t Need To Be the World's Best Writer To Have a 6-Figure Blog

...You Just Need To Master A Few Daily Habits...

In my experience, people rarely care if you know how to structure your posts into 5-paragraph essays or use big fancy words.

Instead, what people care about is that you can help them solve their problems.

And if your content can do that, you’ll be able to build a big, rabid fan base fast.

I’ve never claimed to be one of the best writers in the world. In fact, I know I’m not! But my content does solve real problems.

And that’s why people read and share it!

That’s all your content has to do, too. That’s the real secret to going viral.

One of my most popular posts, which has brought tens of thousands of readers to my site, is “5 Steps to Write a Cold Email That Converts New Clients (Free Cold Email Templates)”.

If you read that post, you’ll see it isn’t super complicated or technical.

I just shared my exact process for getting new clients because I know that’s something a lot of freelancers struggle with. And you know what? People loved it! All because I took a problem people have and solved it.

Even more fundamentally, it’s far more important to develop the habit of writing consistently than it is to worry about writing the perfect blog post.

In fact, I recently read a story that proved practicing daily is actually the key to improving your craft. (By the way, this is just a small taste of the type of ideas you’ll discover inside my ebook):

“On the first day of class, Jerry Uelsmann, a professor at the University of Florida, divided his film photography students into two groups.

Everyone on the left side of the classroom, he explained, would be in the “quantity” group.

They would be graded solely on the amount of work they produced. On the final day of class, he would tally the number of photos submitted by each student. One hundred photos would rate an A, ninety photos a B, eighty photos a C, and so on.

Meanwhile, everyone on the right side of the room would be in the “quality” group.

They would be graded only on the excellence of their work. They would only need to produce one photo during the semester, but to get an A, it had to be a nearly perfect image.

At the end of the term, he was surprised to find that all the best photos were produced by the quantity group.

During the semester, these students were busy taking photos, experimenting with composition and lighting, testing out various methods in the darkroom, and learning from their mistakes.

In the process of creating hundreds of photos, they honed their skills. Meanwhile, the quality group sat around speculating about perfection. In the end, they had little to show for their efforts other than unverified theories and one mediocre photo. (Source)”

The same is true for your blog. Build a daily habit of writing, and you’ll end up far further ahead than you would obsessing over perfect writing.

Blogging Is the Most Affordable Way To Build An Online Business, Your Credibility, Audience and Brand

My blog generates 6-figures a year in passive income. It’s helped me get featured in top-shelf publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. And posts I wrote years ago continue to bring me readers, email subscribers and sales.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

One of the hidden perks of having a blog is that it doesn’t require you to spend months building physical products, pay hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars a month for fancy software, or even create your own course.

With a blog, you can get started for less than a hundred dollars out of pocket.

All you have to do is focus on bringing people to your site and offering them value with great content (which I’ll show you how to do) and the income piece takes care of itself—with almost no overhead!

For example, content I wrote years ago continues to be worth money to me.

Actually, some of my posts are worth more and more money to me over time as more and more people read them and they rank higher on Google.

Do you think people that start online businesses selling “the next great thing” or dropshipping products from China have that same option?


Heck no, actually. They’re constantly starting over from scratch. Meanwhile, every year my blog traffic has gone higher and higher. And my income just keeps growing each year.

That’s because a blog is a real asset you own! It doesn’t matter what happens over at Facebook or on Instagram. Or what products are hot this time of year.

That’s why I say blogging is the most affordable and effective way to build an online business today. It’s an asset you own that doesn’t require lots of maintenance.

If You’ve Failed at Blogging Before, It’s Not Your Fault!

(Chances are you just didn’t have the habits that'll guarantee your success)

One of the biggest reasons new bloggers fail isn’t because they didn’t put in the effort to write good content and build their online business.

It’s because they didn’t master a few daily practices and habits that make publishing on their blog regularly easy.

Instead, they go about writing in a scattershot manner.

They get motivated, write a couple pieces and then—once the motivation dies down—they let their blog fall to the wayside.

That’s not how you build a successful blog, much less a passive income stream from one.

The good news is, over the years, I’ve learned how you can make running your blog simple and fun.

I only spend a few hours a week on my blog. I run it as a side business and it brings in 6-figures a year!

You can learn how to do this to once you have The Habits Of Highly Successful Bloggers on your side.

And if you’re worried that you need to know a ton about software or computers to make this work, don’t worry.

The truth is …

You Don’t Need to Be A Tech Expert!

If You Can Follow This Step-By-Step Plan, You Can Build a 6-Figure Blog

When I started my blog, I had no idea what I was doing ... let alone how to handle all the technical details, the WordPress plugins and tools I needed to succeed. In fact, I had to just try things and hope they worked out.

Today, things are different. After much trial and error on my part, I can now show you how to get your blog set up and online in 10 minutes or less.

Even if you have zero tech skills, this guide is extremely easy to follow and includes screenshots and video walkthroughs.

I believe everyone should have a blog.

If nothing else, it’s a way to document your ideas and share powerful stories that you can come back to again and again.

But there are a few people who absolutely need to develop the habit of blogging.

5 Types of People Who MUST Develop The Habit of Blogging

1. Freelancers and consultants.

Even though my blog is a business of its own, I do occasionally take on consulting clients (that pay me between $5,000 and $15,000 per month). My blog is 100% responsible for the gigs I’ve landed. Without a blog, I would never have been able to work with companies like LinkedIn, Zendesk, Google, CreativeLive, Intuit Quickbooks, Adobe, Fundera, SoFi and many more (most of whom reached out to me) on well-paid consulting projects...

And if you are a freelancer or consultant without a blog, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

A blog is like a business card that not only sets you apart from everyone else, but also proves you know your stuff when it comes to content marketing.

Actually, I’ve heard from many clients that they won’t even consider talking to you if they can’t see some of your samples first. A blog is a great place for that kind of thing.

2. Podcasters.

Having a podcast without a blog is like having a home without a kitchen. Your blog creates a place to store everything for your listeners.

Even more importantly, iTunes is kind of a black box when it comes to giving you data and growing your audience. But a blog is something you own and gives you the opportunity to build an ongoing relationship with your listeners.

3. Sales professionals.

In the modern world, salespeople can’t just rely on finding their customers through happenstance. They’ve got to help their customers find them. And a blog is a great way to establish a brand and attract potential prospects.

4. Aspiring authors.

If you plan on writing a book or self-publishing, you need a blog. It’s no coincidence many popular bloggers also become bestselling authors.

Blogging is one of the best ways to build that platform and fan base before you release your book. So you guarantee it’s a best-seller when you launch.

5. Future online course creators.

If you plan to create and sell an online course, you’re going to need an audience to make that course a success. And the single best way to start building your readership and following is to have a blog.

In fact, working on building your blog, while you build out your course is how you guarantee your success when you finally do decide to launch.

So …

Let’s say you fall into one of these categories. Should you just install WordPress and get cracking

Not exactly. You need to be strategic in your approach so you don’t get stuck making silly mistakes or stall out after a few weeks of working on it.

That’s exactly why I created The Habits Of Highly Successful Bloggers to be your guide in the process and ensure you build the daily practices and have the tools you need to get your blog live and generate real, life-changing revenue for you.

Get started now!

In this book you'll learn how to...

  • Build a daily discipline of writing amazing content people can’t wait to read (without it feeling like pulling teeth).
  • Find a profitable blogging idea (including the exact key terms your readers are searching for and are practically begging you to write about).
  • See how you could get your first 10,000 readers in the next 4 weeks using a simple 4-step technique I’ve refined and tested through the years to grow my own traffic by over 2,025% in the past year alone.

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I created The Habits Of Highly Successful Bloggers because I believe that blogging should be FUN, EXCITING, and PROFITABLE.

I know The Habits Of Highly Successful Bloggers is effective because I’ve personally seen these practices change my life and blog, year after year.

And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. Feel free to try The Habits Of Highly Successful Bloggers for 30 days—read the whole book multiple times!—and if you don’t love it ...

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If you're committed to your own success, then I'm all in on helping you get there.


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